STEP 1: To submit an application to the State of Florida. This can be obtained by accessing the FREC WEBSITE

Applicant must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or its equivalency. The applicant must have been an active Sales Associate for at least 24 months within the past 5 years, with a Broker, or approved government agency.

NOTE: If applicant is licensed in any other state than Florida, applicant must obtain a history letter from the State or Province applicant is licensed in.

The license history letter must state:

1) Applicant’s name, employer, business and residence address;

2) Must indicate applicant’s license was held active for at least 12 months within the preceding 5 years;

3) Type of real estate license held by the applicant and the license number;

4) Date of licensure and expiration date of real estate license, and

5) Complete record of disciplinary action.

Questions must be answered regarding any criminal background, and licensing history for any other professional licenses. An application fee is also required.

STEP 2: Take and pass the 72 Hr. course. Passing grade is 70%. Students can miss only 8 hrs. of classroom time and it will only be due to illness or family emergency. Those hours must be made up within 30 days of the scheduled course completion.

STEP 3: Applicant will receive an approval letter from Promisor, applicant then calls to schedule a state examination date. The applicant must pass the examination with a score with no less than 75%.